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Club Newsletter

JUly 2019

from the top

Recently I was contacted by a woman in Louisville, Kentucky.  Her husband was in Bonita Springs this week helping his parents prepare to move.  Retirement in Southwest Florida had served them well.  But a recent decline in health necessitated the family woodturner to leave behind his craft and move closer to family.

It's a tough decision I'm sure.  And equally as difficult for the family woodturner to discuss the end of his craft.  I had no idea what to expect when I arrived.  What I saw both amazed and inspired me. 

Pieces of art throughout the home of such quality and expertise I would only expect to see at annual symposiums.  Peppermills, bowls, segments, cowboy hats, latticework, ornaments...all both large and small.  Dozens of pieces expertly decorated throughout the home.  This former club member clearly had a passion for detail and and an artistic eye.

As I prepared to leave their home, I politely thanked the family for the opportunity to help a fellow woodturner.  

For a brief moment the lady of the house was surprised by my statement.  She quickly countered that they should be thanking me for helping them.  She had no idea how truly grateful I was to have met her husband and shared in his passion, if only for a brief moment.

in this issue

This month's Featured Work

Club treasurer Dan Alvo has been perfecting his technique for both resin and poly coats with his bowls lately.

July 2019 Club Meeting

Another great turnout for our meeting.  These summer meetings are working really well this year.  I like it!

Club news was covered quickly to allow more time for the featured presentation.  Club president Joe Payne announced some equipment will be put up for sale shortly.  Two Fische lathes have already been sold and an additional two Jet bench top lathes will be offered in an email announcement.

Shop workbenches are all now modified.  Many thanks to Pin for his hard work resizing benches on both sides to make a more comfortable meeting space in the club shop.  The difference is immediately noticeable.

A stylish glass display cabinet has been donated to the club.  The city has been contacted to request mounting in the lobby of the community building.  We expect this to take some time to realize.  If successful, the club board will create a committee to handle regular rotation of various pieces from club members for display.  This should really help put more eyes on our club and what it does.

The club board agreed to purchase a used Powermatic 3520B at an amazing price.  Joe Payne and Dan Alvo went to extensive effort to arrange the acquisition and storage of the mighty gem from a former turner living in Cape Coral.   We're very lucky to have this opportunity because this just doesn't happen very often!

show and tell contributors (not in order)

Joe Payne, Dan Alvo, Fred Hecklau, Jose Vazquez

Open shop Saturday

June Open Shop Day

July 20th, 2019

This month's open shop day was a busy one! 

First, the club welcomed it's newest addition to the fleet.  A Powermatic 3520B lathe!  As a club we now have two Powermatic 3520 lathes for all members to use during any Saturday session.

In fact, both powermatics were running at the same time throughout the morning.  Other members enjoyed honing their turning skills, learning advanced turning techniques and of course sharpening.  A few just showed up to watch and learn and that's ok too!

What a fun morning it was for everyone.

Featured presenter

Steve Johns
OneWay Coring System

Sometimes the best laid plans just don't go so well. 

Steve Johns did a great job demonstrating how to core multiple bowls from a single log using the OneWay Coring System. 

The coring system worked exactly as designed.  Unfortunately equipment problems with our Powermatic lathe created multiple delays.  Then a tenon blew.  Fortunately Steve brought a spare bowl blank.  But it needed to be turned round before we could continue.  Then the Powermatic kept stopping some more.  

It was a slow process but everyone managed through the delays with a great sense of humor.  Steve was finally able to fully core an entire log to the cheers of everyone.  Then we realized the building supervisor wanted to close the shop in 5 minutes.

Many thanks to everyone who sprung into action.  Some swept up chips.  Others helped John pack his equipment.  The rest helped stow and lock up equipment. 

On the plus side, I now see just how quickly this club can clean up our shop we have to, ha!  It turned out to be a fun if not lengthy club demonstration.  Thank you to everyone for your patience!




AAW National News

WIT exchange event

The Women In Turning eXchange event is scheduled to take place September 5th - 7th in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at the Arrowmont Arts & Crafts School.  Find out more details on the AWW WIT Event page.

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