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new member tips

As our club continues to grow, newer members may not realize how certain club website features work.  Here are some tips and some answers to common questions:

I received an event announcement email.  How do I sign up for the event?

Each event can found in the Event Calendar.  Simply navigate to the month of the event.  You'll see the event itself listed on the day it is scheduled.  Simply click the event, and the next window will guide you through registration.   The email you received will also include a link directly to the club event.

I don't see a register button for the event I want to sign up for!

All of our events are restricted to active members only.  You must first log into the club website before you can register for any event.  If you don't know your password, use the password reset feature on the login page.

My plans changed, how do I cancel my event registration?

It's quite simple.  Do the exact same thing you did to register.  First log into the club website.  Then go to the Event Calendar.  Find the event and click on it.  The system will know you've already registered for this event, and a cancel-registration button will now appear for you.  Click it and follow the prompts.

The event I want to attend is full what do I do?

Most events will have a Waitlist option available when you try to register for it.  Use that feature.  If no waitlist is available, reach out to any club officer.  Let them know your desire to attend the event.  That way we can try to notify you (via email) if a cancellation comes through.  

My payment won't go through and I keep getting an error

Unfortunately this happens from time to time.  The most common cause is the address on your member account does not match the billing address of the credit card you are using for payment.  The easiest solution is to update your member address in the club website.  Then try the payment again.  If you are still having trouble getting payments to go through, contact any board officer and they will get your some assistance.

If you are registering for a event, do not worry.  You're still registered and your spot is reserved.  However you will need to bring payment with you to the event if your online payment issues cannot be worked out in advance.

My email address changed and I'm not getting club emails

Log into the club website using your old email address.  Once you're logged in, use the member icon (little blue icon) at the top to access your member profile.  There you can update all of your contact information including name, address and email address.

I'm new to woodturning but want to make stuff at the open shop day

Perfect.  The club shop is stocked with pen kits, bottle stopper kits and even some can openers for folks like you!  These are great projects that are quick, easy and help you grow accustomed to the equipment and tools.  And when you're finished, you get to keep what you turned!  Check with any shop day staff member to show you how to get started.

Do you offer private lessons?

The club itself only provides instruction during club events such as open shop day.  If you are interested in private lessons outside of these scheduled events, just let any club officer know.  We'll be happy to send a club-wide email with your contact information.  You can work out the specifics with anyone who responds.  Keep in mind during the COVID pandemic that many folks have scaled back their desire to give private lessons.

I need wood to turn, where do get it?

Our area does not have any known retail location for woodturning wood.  The wood we get usually comes through connections with friends and neighbors.  Spread the word among your own family and friends that you need to know if a tree is being cut down.  You can also reach out to local tree service companies to see if they have anything scheduled.  

When the club is notified of a supply of wood available to anyone, we'll send a club-wide email to let everyone know the details.

You can also purchase bowl and spindle blanks from Woodturning Blanks 4 U up in Bradenton.  They offer a huge selection of species and sizes, and they will ship to you or you can arrange for pick up.   Advantage Lumber in Sarasota also sells bowl and spindle blanks.

I spoke to so-and-so at the meeting but I forgot their contact info

The club website has a full member directory.  If you log into the club website, the Members menu will be available to you.  Use the Member Directory to look someone up and find their contact information.

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