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Club Newsletter

JUNE 2019

from the top

I recently attended a club meeting for a much larger woodturning club.  As I entered the meeting area, I immediately knew I wasn't in Kansas any more.  

Several dozen chairs were set out neatly in rows inside a room easily twice the size of our club shop.   A mammoth project screen lined one wall.  The full-size demonstrator lathe appeared small in such large quarters.

There was little to the meeting itself.  There was no old-news and new-news segment.  No 30 minutes of show-and-tell.  When there's 50-60 members in attendance, you spend about 5 minutes having one person going over pieces brought in by members.  Then you go straight to the demonstrator.  

The demonstration itself was excellent.  When I left the meeting, I reflected on the evening experience.  Parts of it I found quite enjoyable.  Other portions left me feeling how I enjoyed my own club more. 

Overall it was a great experience for me as club president.  A chance to learn from others is an opportunity to grow as both a woodturner and as a person.  And that's what being in any club is all about.

in this issue

This month's Featured Work

Club member Sheldon Edner presented this amazing segmented piece.

June 2019 Club Meeting

We had an outstanding attendance for the June 2019 meeting.  It was exciting to see such a large turnout for a summer meeting.

This month's meeting greeted members with another club shop improvement.  Club member Jose "Pin" Vazquez and president Joe Payne shortened the workbench on one side of the room and added a full length shelf above the workbench.  Doing this opened the room up quite nicely leaving more room to move around without feeling so cramped together.  Plans are in order to do the same to the other side of the room Saturday June 29th.

The club president informed everyone that the 2018 Arts & Culture grant summary report had been submitted to the city.  This concludes the grant process from last year.  Also, Beth Ireland has been booked as a presenter for a special Saturday presentation on November 9th, 2019.  More details will follow as we get closer to the date.

Phil Edilla took a show of hands for those interested in a road trip to Advantage Lumber and Woodturning Blanks 4 U.  More details will follow once a date has been set.

The July club meeting has been moved to July 2nd due to the July 4th holiday.   Board meeting has been moved to July 1st 4pm.  See the event calendar for the latest information on club activities.

Raffle prizes were drawn and distributed and the meeting adjourned on schedule.

show and tell contributors (not in order)

Joe Payne, Dan Alvo, Sheldon Edner, Fred Hecklau

Open shop Saturday

June Open Shop Day

June 15th, 2019

Another light turnout for this month's Saturday open shop day.  We did do some introduction training on bandsaw operation and planning a bowl blank cut.  One member worked on turning a bowl while another got help with sharping.

Featured presenter

Franck Johannesen
Northfolk Island Pine Sidegrain

We had an amazing turnout for the club meeting and I certainly hope it was due in part to our featured presenter.  Franck did an amazing job demonstrating how to turn Norfolk Island Pine using sidegrain.  Normally you turn the wood as endgrain to bring out the distinctive knot pattern on all sides of the bowl.

In this demonstration, Franck showed us how to turn the wood sidegrain so that all the knots appear on one side of the vessel.  It creates a truly unique look to the vessel.

Many thanks to Franck for a stellar demonstration.  Be sure to check out that last photo in the slideshow to the right!

tips and tricks

Keep Chuck Keys and Wrenches Close By


Straight from the club president wood shop.  Here's a nifty trick to keep those pesky bowl chuck keys and allen wrenches organized.

Home Depot sells this small ceramic block magnets.  They stick like glue to the steel frame of your lathe and work great at holding your chuck keys without tying up valuable bench real estate.

If you look closely at the photo, on the right side you'll see I have another magnet holding the allen wench that tightens the reverse lock screw on my bowl chuck.  

AAW National News

WIT exchange event

The Women In Turning eXchange event is scheduled to take place September 5th - 7th in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at the Arrowmont Arts & Crafts School.  Find out more details on the AWW WIT Event page.

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