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Club Newsletter

May 2019

from the top

The never-ending bowl.  I'm sure most of you have encountered one at some point in your lifetime.  For me, I met my first a few weeks ago.

A beautiful piece of mango.  About 11 inches in diameter, maybe 5 inches deep.  Large by my standards, but not too large.  The perfect size to gain more proficiency with my new-and-much-larger lathe.

Yet two large cracks on different sides made this piece a substantial challenge.  Six month ago, I would have tossed it.  "Too risky with how deep those cracks are" I would have muttered to myself.

But you don't grow if you don't push your limits.  And this piece would definitely offered the opportunity to do both.  So I finally convinced myself to accept the challenge. 

With some generous help from other club members, I took my first dive into using epoxy and resin to save a bowl.   The bowl took four times longer to finish because so many repairs were necessary.

In the end, it came out beautiful.  More importantly, I am a better turner because of it. 

I learned it is important to know your limits.  But it's more important to know how to recognize an opportunity to grow, with a little help from your friends.

in this issue

This month's Featured Work

Club member Jerry Williams shows off his talent with this stunning olive oil vase comprised of cherry burl and maple.  

recent club events

March Open Shop Day

April 20th, 2019

The April Saturday open turning session kept Phil and John busy the entire morning.  We had bowls.  We had spindles.  We had finials.  Everyone brought something different and everyone learned something new.

Now THAT is what open shop Saturdays are all about.  Learning.  Growing.   Experiencing.

may 2019 Club Meeting

Only a few old business items were reported by the club president this month.  A CBN wheel has been installed on one of the grinders.  A side-by-side dual camera YouTube video of the Ralph McKee presentation has been added to the Members section of the website.  And finally the bench modifications are approved and will begin May 11th, 2019. 

Plenty of new business for the club this month.  Ted Hains has been officially voted to fill the position of Vice President.  Craig Meyer has been officially voted to join the club board as a member at-large.  Thank you Ted and Craig for your time and efforts.  Also, the club is working to arrange a professional turning demonstration in November 2019. 

Club treasurer Dan Alvo gave a brief summary of club finances and expenditures.  

With official business out of the way, several member woodturning projects were presented during show-and-tell.  Club member Lisa Benton effectively demonstrated how a bowl becomes a drink coaster - we've all been there Lisa!

show and tell contributors (not in order)

Joe Payne, Dan Alvo, Jose Vazquez, John Gerald, Richard Rose, Lisa Benton, Dom Bello, Jerry Williams

Featured presenter

Phil Edilla

Club Secretary Phil Edilla gave a thorough presentation on the pitfalls to avoid when drilling peppermills.   After a brief explanation of the project, Phil demonstrated the proper drilling procedure to follow for consistent peppermill construction.  Phil did an outstanding job showing everyone the tricks and traps of making a peppermill on the lathe.

Despite being "peppered" with questions from several club members, Phil didn't have to "twist" his answers.  His "seasoned" knowledge of the subject kept him from "cracking" under pressure.

Oh yea, I went there.


tips and tricks



Club member Lisa Benton shared her tip for keeping track of her drill press chuck key:

Most drill press chuck keys have a flat end.  If yours has it, drill a small hole in the flat part.  Add a hanger wire and hang it from a screw in the top of your drill press.  No more lost drill chuck key!

AAW National News

WIT exchange event

The Women In Turning eXchange event is scheduled to take place September 5th - 7th in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at the Arrowmont Arts & Crafts School.  Find out more details on the AWW WIT Event page.

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