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Club Newsletter

october 2019

from the top

Since I first joined the woodturning community, I've truly looked forward to each club demonstration.  I find it exciting to see how others complete a project.  I enjoy seeing their techniques and tips they've learned over many years of experience.

But I found myself leaving each demonstration with a touch of disappointment.  The presenter used tools I did not own.  Complex jigs were involved.  Or even lathe accessories that simply were not designed to fit my equipment.  In short, I left knowing I stood little to no chance of accomplishing the same project.  My time felt a touch wasted.

Eventually I decided to quietly confess my feelings to a fellow woodturner.  It didn't take long to identify the flaw in my expectations.  Demonstrations are not always a "tutorial".  More often than not, the objective is to present a way that something CAN be done, not necessarily HOW it can be done.  "You should be focusing on technique and concept, not the step-by-step." I was told.

Sure enough, my confidential informant was right.  I reflected back to several demonstrations I've watched.  I realized just how much I had learned from those events even though I never attempted the actual project.   My expectations got a healthy reset.

It's not always about the outcome.  It's about inspiring others to try something with their own tools, equipment and experience. 

Once that happens, the true learning begins.

in this issue

This month's Featured Work

Sometimes you just don't know until it's done. 

I pulled this piece from my stash of random wood chucks in the corner of my shop.  I had no clue what wood it was.  But I was curious how it would turn out.

Boy did I get a surprise.

october 2019 Club Meeting

Another great turnout for the October meeting!

This was our first try at holding show-and-tell before the actual meeting.  It was a bit confusing (to me at least) but we'll get the hang of it.  I think overall the change in format makes sense so we'll stick with it for now.

Club Librarian Fred Hecklau ha graciously volunteered to handle the club display cabinet.  Contact Fred or any club officer to arrange for your piece to be displayed.  Show off your hard work and represent our club!

Reminders for both the Annual Christmas Party and Beth Ireland demo were discussed.  Don't forget both events require you to register online so we have an accurate count of attendees.  Lots of great items have already been donated for the silent auction.

The girl scouts event in September went extremely well.   Thanks again to everyone who helped make it possible.  We've got another Girl Scouts event scheduled for our open shop day on December 21st.  I have set up a new Youth Activities page on our website to explain our program.  Feel free to share that page on your Facebook or by email.

Penn State Industries (PSI) has implemented a new club program offering all woodturning club members 10% off every order.  Each club member should have received a welcome email by now.   I've already tested it and happily got my 10% discount during checkout.  PSI was also kind enough to donate some gift certificates for club raffles or the upcoming silent auction.  

The club officers are working hard to secure a Mark Sillay all-day demonstration for November 16th.  Once we have everything locked in, I'll send an email notice to all club members.

Two of the Jet midi lathes have been upgrade to variable-speed.  We're doing this as a test to see how well the upgrade kits work.  If we like it, all remaining Jet midi lathes will be updated to variable-speed.  If we don't like it, I'll find someone to blame.

November's club demonstration will be a two-part experience:  First a 20 minute sales presentation on woodturning respirator and safety equipment by a local business owner.  Also a visual presentation by John Gerald on how to turn plank bowls.  

Open shop Saturday

October Open Shop Day

October 19th, 2019

Open shop Saturday was a busy day for everyone.  John Gerald replaced the brake resistor in the 3520 Powermatic lathe.  After some heavy testing and flying bark, we're pretty sure the reset issues with the lathe are now resolved. 

Some members came to turn.  Others came to watch and learn.  It was a smooth and enjoyable morning for all.

Featured presenter

Frank Bauer
Heirloom Christmas Ornaments

This month's featured presenter was Frank Bauer from the Peace River woodturners club.  Frank is a former member of our club and was excited to show us how he makes Christmas ornaments. 

Frank did an outstanding job both demonstrating and explaining the process for his ornaments.  The man did things with a skew chisel you can't even find on the dark web!

You can check out the full video in the members-only section of the club website.


How to Reshape a Gouge to a Fingernail Grind

AAW recently shared this YouTube video.  Seems like a great topic so I'm including here as this month's woodturning tip.

AAW National News

AAW Symposium 2020

The American Association of Woodturners has announced the initial details for the 2020 symposium.  This time it will be held in Louisville, Kentucky.  You can read more about it on the AAW 2020 Symposium Page.

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