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COVID 19 Impact Status

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The board officers of Woodturners of Southwest Florida Inc have unanimously agreed to temporarily cease all club activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  All events have been cancelled and reminders for upcoming events are disabled.

The City of Fort Myers has temporarily halted access to our club shop along with all other city-operated community facilities.  This means they ultimately have the final say as to when we can resume our club activities.  

Your board officers will continue to monitor and assess the situation on a weekly basis.  Eventually this pandemic will pass at which time the club will resume normal operations.   Until such time, please use your own best judgement to keep you and your family both safe and healthy during this global crisis.

Please find below our current COVID-19 policies enacted by unanimous vote of all club officers

General And Saturday Meetings

All regular monthly club meetings will remain cancelled or held online.

All special woodturning demonstrations and events will remain cancelled or held online.

Upon the reopening of the Riverside Community Center, the board may approve up to two Saturdays a month where the club would open the club shop to a maximum of 10 occupants from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  Online registration in advance will be required. All attendees will be known and reviewed in advance. This will also give us an accurate contact-trace list should one be required.

No guests or walk-ins will be permitted.

Medical Disqualifications

Those with known medical conditions will not be permitted to attend.
Those who are considered immune-compromised will be not be permitted to attend.

Social Distancing

All members will be instructed to maintain the six-foot social distancing at all times. This will include during any instruction or training provided. Social distancing will be reinforced by the onsite safety supervisor assigned that day.

The room itself contains 12 lathe machines organized around the perimeter. Six of the machines will be disabled for use requiring each operator to work a minimum of eight feet apart.

Personal Protection Equipment

All occupants will be required to wear a mask at all times. The club will provide masks onsite for those who do not bring their own.

All occupants already wear a faceshield while operating equipment. This requirement will not change and is in addition to the aforementioned mask.

Individual-size hand sanitizer will be provided to every occupant during each Saturday session. Larger spray sanitizer bottles will be provided throughout the room.

Equipment Sharing

Each occupant will be assigned a single lathe machine to operate that day. No machine changes will be permitted.

Tools provided onsite will not be shared. The onsite instructor will carry with them their own set of tools when a technique needs demonstrated.

All occupants will be encouraged to bring their own tools.

Sanitizing the environment is deemed unnecessary as the room remains unoccupied for a period of two weeks before the next event takes place.

The onsite instructor will not retrieve tools or accessories on behalf of any occupant. The occupant will be directed to where the item is located so they can obtain it themselves.

Room Cleanup

The assigned safety supervisor and instructor for that day will handle all room cleanup after each event. The remaining occupants will be required to exit the room once cleanup begins.

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